33 years old - Lyon, France

Cofounder & Managing Director at Piwag
Game Designer

Game Designer

Specialist in system design, interaction between games and player psychology, optimization, frustration and motivation.
Creator of a psychographic segmentation of gamers.
GD Consultant, Author and former GD Employee.
Worked on all kind of games, from AA to indies, from mods to maps.

Related skills & knowledge:
Nested compulsive loops, retention mechanics, frustration management, rational game design, F2P/GaaS businesses models, incentives, balance mechanics, learning curve, rhythm curve, visual/audio feedbacks, core gameplay, 3C, etc.


Co-founder and Managing Director at Piwag.
Lyon-Startup contest laureate.

Related skills & knowledge:
Adaptability, find low-cost & effective solutions, manage people & projects, leading, recruitment, being a creative force, conscious about market and profitability, responsible, familiar with startup ecosystem, interested in team and HR management etc.

Game Design Jury Member

Indie Garden Assembly Awards 2018.
Indie Prize 2018: Asia 2018.
Indie Prize 2018: Serbia 2018.
Indie Prize 2018: London 2018.
Indie Prize 2017: USA 2018.
Geneva Gaming Convention 2017: Special Indie Prize for Casual Connect USA 2018.
Geneva Gaming Convention 2017: GGC Awards.
Bellecour School 2018: Evaluation of GD students end of year/studies projects.
Bellecour School 2017: Evaluation of GD students end of year/studies projects.

Related skills & knowledge:
Always willing to share knowledge, able to be impartial and do honest/constructive feedbacks


Gamagora 2017 - Perceived Reality & Psychographics
Videogame Economics Forum 2016 - Psychographic segmentation
Central European Game Conference 2016 - Visibility
Lyon Start-Up 2015 - Entrepreneurship feedback and advices
La Saga des Jeux Vidéo 2014 - Round Table about future of game design (aside Éric Chahi, Émile Morel & David Mekersa)

Related skills & knowledge:
Speak publicly, ability to summarize, used to international professional events

Gamer & Community Manager

Former admin/moderator of online communities, up to thousands people.
Former admin / officer / raid leader in EU ranked guilds on several games (MMO/Browser games).
Former Spartan Vanguard (community events, tournaments organization, online rules support) for Spartan Games, Member of the Month 2013.
Former member of pro-ranked teams on several games (FPS/RTS).

Related skills & knowledge:
Always willing to help, meticulous, set myself high standards, diplomacy

Human Being

Science (all kind), Sci-Fi & Communication between people enthusiast.
Particular cultural love for Card Games, Comics (french-belgian style and mangas), Cinema & Heavy Metal.
Interested in societal differences from people around world.

Non-racist, non-sexist, non-xenophobic, respectful, encourage diversity; do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not do drugs

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