I'm Nucreum, a french game designer on both board/video games and researcher in game design mechanics.
Here, you'll find some apps like army builders I made for tabletop games and my blog with some posts about my researches and thoughts.
Enjoy your stay!

The Berserk Synergy

TBS is THE strategy and tactical miniatures game randomness-free, factions-free and points-based lists-free!

The Berserk Synergy

TBS c'est LE jeu de figurines boosté à la stratégie et à la tactique, où le hasard n'a pas sa place et où vous jouez ce que vous voulez !

Spartan Games Calculator

SGCalc is a little tool, designed for mobile devices and computers, which calculate average hits of rolls on any Spartan Games' game.

Dystopian Wars Army Builder Online

DWABO is an handy and useful army builder for Dystopian Wars. Updated to Dystopian Wars 2.0.

Dystopian Wars Scenario Maker

DWSM is a program to design quickly little scenarios for Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars World Map

Not really an app, this is a World Map of the Dystopian Wars universe. By Heartbroken Tone76.

Uncharted Seas Army Builder Online

UCSABO is an handy and useful army maker for The Uncharted Seas.

Battletech Attack Simulator

BAS is a tiny tool for smartphones, designed to simulate attacks, punching, kicking and falls for Battletech tabletop game.

Mythic Battles
Créateur d'armées

Créateur d'armées en français pour Mythic Battles.
(French Army Builder for Mythic Battles.)

Eden Army Builder Online

Créateur d'armées en français pour Eden
(French Army Builder for Eden.)

Nucreum's Blog