37 years old - Lyon, France

Game director
Senior Game Designer
Disabled worker: Remote work only

Game Designer

Experience as a Game Director. GD Consultant/Game Doctor, Author and GD Employee.
Worked on all kind of games, from AA to indies, from mods to maps, from solo to MMO, PC/console/mobile.
Specialist in system and metacognitive design, interaction between games and gamer psychology, optimization, frustration and motivation.
Creator of a psychographic segmentation of gamers. EN - FR

Related skills & knowledge:
Conversion/retention/incentives, rational game design, progression systems, balancing, learning & difficulty curves, nested loops, frustration management, F2P/GaaS, NFTs, visual/audio feedbacks, core gameplay, 3C...

Managing Director

Co-founder and Managing Director at Piwag (almost 6 years).
Lyon-Startup contest laureate.

Related skills & knowledge:
Knows business constraints, adaptability, find low-cost & effective solutions, manage people & projects, leading, recruitment, being a creative force, conscious about market and profitability, responsible, familiar with startup ecosystem, interested in team and HR management, etc.

Game Design Jury Member

Bellecour School 2017-2020: Evaluation of game designers students end of studies' projects.
Indie Prize 2019: London / USA / China 2019.
Indie Prize 2018: USA / London / Serbia / Asia 2018.
Indie Garden Assembly Awards 2018.
Geneva Gaming Convention 2017: Special Indie Prize (Casual Connect USA 2018) / GGC Awards.

Related skills & knowledge:
Always willing to share knowledge, able to be impartial and do honest/constructive feedbacks


Gamagora 2017 - Perceived Reality & Psychographics
Videogame Economics Forum 2016 - Psychographic segmentation
Central European Game Conference 2016 - Visibility
Lyon Start-Up 2015 - Entrepreneurship feedback and advices
La Saga des Jeux Vidéo 2014 - Round Table about future of game design (aside Éric Chahi, Émile Morel & David Mekersa)

Related skills & knowledge:
Speak publicly, ability to summarize, used to international professional events

Gamer & Community Manager

Former admin/moderator of online communities, up to thousands people.
Former admin / officer / raid leader in EU top ranked teams on several games (MMO/Browser games).
Former Spartan Vanguard (community events, tournaments organization, online rules support) for Spartan Games, Member of the Month 2013.
Former member of pro teams on several games (FPS/RTS).

Related skills & knowledge:
Always willing to help, meticulous, set myself high standards, diplomacy


Science (all kind) & Sci-Fi.
Passion for critical thinking and related subjects.
Particular love for Card Games, Comics (french-belgian style and mangas), Cinema & Heavy Metal.
Enjoy creating board games.

Diagnosed with VHIQ and Autism; trained on discrimination matters (sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.)

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